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Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hope u guys have a blessed new year!
2010 YEAR is the best!

Sandakan trip 1st day

Today, excited going on a family trip to sandakan!
its a big trip for all of us.
and its like the first time for me and the rest of my relative,
actually we all go sandakan got a reason.
is first today is NEW YEAR'S EVE!
so celebrate wif the Yap family!
and its called the reunion dinner,
and tmr is the COMPANY DINNER.
so its like cool!
the bus today was so WAGGGYYYY....
wanted to vomit ald
aiks :S
I miss my darling rach, sarah!
gosh..... :(
and it took like 8 hours from KK to here.
actually suppose to be like 5 hours.
but i dont know why??? hmmmmm?!
but aiks :S
ah well....
when we got here we have to rush to the dinner so thr is no bath time!
i know rite?
hahahaha.... just change and perfume and WAHLAHHH!!!!
now just got back to the hotel.
going to bath soon
waiting for chant to finnish bath....
hmmmm.... :D
well, tmr we are going to ride HORSE!
its been like a long time we din ride horses ald since like quite young till now!
cant wait!

Now im gonna bath now! Blog tmr... :)
Peace out guys!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Funnn day :D

Today was funn! me, izzy,chant,char
went out to CP. to go shopping!
but rach wasnt coming!
aiks :S
Sadddddd...... hmmmm but we went wif izzy to piano class just the same classs!
i just went thr like yesterday, and just now went again.
after that went to see izzy to Futsal!
nice game!
wish i can kick! but cant my leg not yet fully recover.
gosh. just when???
i cant wait for the phone!
gosh keep thinking of it.
after Futsal went to CP shopping!
hahahhaa.... bought the CHEER UP shirt.
after that went to see some jewerly, and nail polish.
we bought alot.
and me and izzy bought new SUNNIES! yippeee...... this time i bought purple. and mine & izzy have the same but just different color.
then, went warisan to walk walk only thn waited for car.
and went home. painted our nails !
then, now we are going to eat dinner soon.
tmr going to sandakan!
whole family going to sit bus.
so its going to be FUNNNN!
ill blog 2mr if i can....
im bringing my lappiieeee topppp....
gtg now

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nexus resort!

I know i haven been online for 2 days.
is because i was in a family trip and we all went to Nexus resort at Karabrunie!
its nice! funn. and beautiful. we have our own Villa! its HUGE!
gosh! we got 2 villa! and a private pool. and infront is the beach! nice a lovely!
yeah..... and all of us like 20++ over ppl.
so its funn... hahaha...
was tired when i got back home! gosh! school is starting soon!
aiks :S
im still waiting for my phone to get here!
gosh! quick!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Family outing!

Well, yea i am really busy through out this week.
whole thing is family week.
sorry if i cnt go out wif u guys. hope u guys understand!
today we all are going to Rasa Ria to stay one night.
cool. but thn im going to miss my friends outing. they keep asking me go out. but my plan is all full...
gosh. cant believe it!
hmmm ill try to make it to michael's house on monday. cant promise cause my cousin is coming back so must company them like half day. thats why i cnt miss it out or else my parents will like scold me.
aiks :S
hmmm.... really need to choose between friends and family orhhhhh....
aiks :S

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Merry Christmas!