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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy birthday Lui

Happy birthday to u,
Happy Birthday to u,
Happy birthday to Lui dear,
Happy birthday to u...
~My dear, we just had fun 2day going out with 13 ppl all together, wish u a best 14 yrs old birthday, hope u have a great time in ur surprise party,.... bye...
love u xoxo~

today, went out with: Bi^^,Clement, Sophia, Lui, Nelson, Randy, Leon, Isaac, Ah Nui, Pit, Michael, Elissa and ME to centre to watch movie and go walk walk arround, and eat lunch together... hahaha quite fun... 13ppl sit in one row at the cinema to watch movie, the movie we watch is called PUSH, its nice but really very Geng oh... hhahaha we all wanted to watch X-MEN WOLVERINE de but thn all change mind to watch PUSH, hahahha nice oso....

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