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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hong Kong! Harbour City

I cant believe i reach here so safely,
i din post anything yesterday though cause i din get to online,
din find any whr tht has computer and line,
here i am in Harbour city!
with my friends...
hehehe :)
well having fun though,
but tired
shop the whole day
going back to the hotel soon
very tired
need some rest
cause 2molo we will go HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!
don worry guys,
i got somethings for u guys already
still need to buy more stuff
but some of u got it liao
hehe :D
photos will be update when i get back to KK
don worry my dear friends, im here very fine
not sick, but happy, and having lots of fun,
finally i get to meet up Nicole Tan and here sister, Natalie Tan, and now with Jing Yi XD
wakakaka.... blogging here is not tht good
cause the keyboard here is so sucks!
i miss u oh Bi^^
and also all my dear 1's hehehe if got anything happen back thr pls tell me k? :(
i Miss u guys so badly!
i cant sms back!
no credit liao!
at 1st got 47rm
now rm0.00 :(
1 sms cost rm2.00
call! worst! rm2.50
haizzz..... i need credit to sms back or call!!!!
Michael dont say im gone crazy! cause u make me laugh all nite!
hey miss talking u guys at nite! till midnight man!
had so much fun on the phone!
clement i know u still miss HER!
dont need to say :D
hey elissa, i know u got alot of things need to tell me, tell me when i get back k? :P
hehehhe, and i know someone got alot of things to 38, lui, soph,sarah.... i know u guys...
sarah, don forget to get stuff in EUROPE k? hehehe :) i got u stuff...
dont worry i din get H1N1 k clement?
Bi ur hair 2molo go do rite?
show me k?
ill see whther chu king, nelson's hair whether nice or not k?

k gtg bye
I miss u all!
ill try to go online 2molo

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