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Friday, November 20, 2009

Awards Night! Broken legggggg

Well, i know alot of people worry about my poor broken leggg...
but thn thats it, it just happen....
well, it was doing reheasel time me and Jewell were practicing our dance, the chorus part where we are suppose to jump in, but thn i dint expected that, i would land in an unproper way so then i heard the crack so loud! i imediately landed down! pain!
thanks for sarah,jewell,sophia,rach,jia ying, and the rest to help me!
and the mdm's pray for me! well thn i called my dad, thn he took me to the Rafflesia medical centre!
had X-RAY, thn CT SCAN!
could see the bone was cracking! so the doctor said maybe need surgery! i was like WHAT! SURGERY! i cried! OMG!
so then after that the doctor say that he will help me straighten it back! so okayyy!
this how it was after everything!
I manage to go to the AWARDS NIGHT! i font want to miss it! eventhough, i dint get any awards!
i still happy that i can see my friends! for the last time!
im going to miss them!
haizzzz :S
My baobei KELVIN!
My baby milo!


独孤求败 said...

Ah..wat the kids look at in de last picture....hahahaha.....Looks like he nt concentrate...haha

ŋäťäłΐє said...

lolx wei jie!
i kill u orh!!!!