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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

07/09 out day wif friends

Yesterday was suppose to be Darinee's farewell party!
turn out that she cant came, so only few of us went out for funn with Mdm Ivy^^
turn out to be 10 ppl, all of the sudden it became 5 ppl.... =.="
but we still manage to go out^^
first we went to mdm ivy's house to meet up,
thn after that walk to CP and Warisan,
to eat lunch,
we went to so many restaurant but dunno which wann...
first say go FISH & CO, thn suddenly change because smelly!
thn went to Manila, WAS about to order, thn they say change,
went to see HENG LONG, and see HONG KONG RECIPIE,
still not yet choose
haizzz... so at last went to Hong kong recipie,
ordered the set lunch, and all was quite hungry,
when the food came we actually forgot to pray, thn we drink till half way thn only pray
so clement give GARCE^^
oh ya, it was me,leon,mdm ivy, katrina, clement
so when we start to eat, leon found something in the vege, guess wat is it??
it's a WORM! OMG u know?!
thn we all stop thn we all din eat the vege at all! so digusting!
haiyoo cant stand it!
so we ate the meat and thn got jelly^^ thn sat down chit-chat^^
after that we went to PADINI to check out some cloths!
hahah.... mdm ivy dont forget my card ar!
after that mdm ivy brought us to the BIG PASAR! cause she wan to buy her slippers
so we went to look for cloths,
after that we went to KK PLAZA,
walk walk see see...
thn mdm ivy introduce us the perfume that she use,
very nice orh!
me and kat bought one bottle, mdm ivy bought 2 one for her bf^^
me and kat bought SUNFLOWER^^ so nice smell...
sweet sweet=)
after that went back to CP to find Lui & Jing at thier shop....
rest for a while and thn went to buy YOYO!
sat thr, order and talk and leon went back home, thn Walter came to meet us^^
so we went back to school, to wait for our car thr, so we plyed volley ball...
funn though, cause we improve alot from volleyball^^ thx to mdm ivy!
after that went back home! so tired though!

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