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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday's day out with Micahel& Elissa

Went out wholeday again! non-stop! wakakakak.... these pic are at nite wif jack, vincent and Julian.... in the lift.... going to the carpark after dinner Guesse wat we ate for dinner? 1901 hotdogs! thn they say not full yet, so went to STARBUCKS! we kept talking non-sotp too... keep talkin talking..... but be4 this in the morning me,elissa,michael went out^^
This was in PADINI! its my BIRTHDAY month! so i get speicial discount on every clothing! 30% off! after that OCT 02 is my expire date! have to go renew! i like this two shirts! so nice!
SS alot though >< but i really do love it!
Me and elissa wear the same! look like twins^^, but its nice... elissa say she will but this for me for my birthday present^^ yeahhh!!!!!
Its so nice!!!!! i just love it!
Hehehehe... same pic... oh ya, we went to watch "UP" that movie is cute and nice!
so nice!
just started! im going to cut my hair soon!

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