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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Heyyy! So tired! well, today after skul went to Doulous! Kuan fetch me thr cause not enough car to go, atlease i meet him in skul orh! if not ui oh! haizzzz.... well reach thr thn walk to doulous cause u cant drive in so we have to walk! hahahaha.... so went to the bookshop! saw Daniel, From France! Mercii Daniel! hehehehe... his kinda Hot!!! ><Help took some pic for Michael! my other Model
Thn We saw Josh! hehehe... took some pic wif him alot!
Me,Michael,Josh! he work in the bookshop! hehehhee....
Josh&Michael, his having a good time!
Thn we meet sarah! Thn took alot of pic! hahahha
Kuan & Michael! cool, first time they took pic!
Me and Kuan used his glasses!
We found a POP OUT BOOK! its cool
Josh! hahahaha always smiles!
Sarah! she say she want that book! hahahaha she got a baby book full of names for Mdm Nelinda!
Its michael! plying wif the wand
Kuan plying wif the shrek book
so funny le him! he bought a journal!
Michael and Sarah! reading the baby book full of names!
Michael, my model! hahaha nice???
Me took some SS pic wif the books!
Me and michael during skul hours! nth to do though! so bored!
Well, Today not that funn though din get INTO the ship! hmmm only at the bookstore! hahahaha....so hot again!, going again next week, will take more pic again! cant wait for tmr and saturday! and oso SUnday!!!!! hahahaha full time leh!!!! next week going for a hair cut!!!! blog tmr!!!!

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