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Friday, December 4, 2009

Bro planning to get a house in Melbourn!

Yeahh, well my blog is getting a bit boring^^
keke. now making it intresting.
hahha okayy let me introduce my new HOME!
hahaha... not really yet lar!
well i just got the email, from my Brother Alex
sent some pic about the house.
This is the front, it has double bay parking front and back. cool rite?
This is the front porch. small but yet its better than nth.
This is the Livng room with reverse cycle air-con and toilet
Front door. looks nice!
2nd bedroom with BIR. well, this would be my room when im going over to study.
This is the master bedroom. my bro and sis in law will be staying in this room. well. im going to stay wif them when i get over thr.
the stairwell.
The kitchen! my fav! cause i always look at kitchen and rooms first! =D
thats all, but i dont knw whether he will buy this one lar. this is only choice, but maybe lor....
cant wait to go thr!
to start a real new life!
concentrate music over thr!

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