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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cast out!

Finally, suppose the day that i take out my cast is on the 19th
but then my mum called the doctor and he said can ald,
cause i can walk already!
so thn today went to the doctor.
and guess what he use to open the cast?
its something like a drill!
i wass like WOAHHH!!!!
easy thr!
its so scary like u really wann to freak out and scream!
whoah! but thn ofcouze his very careful not to drill till me leg
so after taking it out, i can see the very big diffrence between my two legs
one skinnier and the other is just normal!
so then i am still scared lar....
i walk still like a penguin, cause is not really fully better yet....
so then have to wait, i know it will get better...
i cant bend it like doing dance
so then i still cant go for dance yet....
aiks :S
Christmas is coming!
so fast!
just like that and there it is!
its just right there ald
so fast, then want to start skul ald!

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