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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Charity Dinner!

Had a great Charity dinner last nite wif my mum side's family!
It was held at Bukit Padang the Sutera Restaurant!
I dint actually expected so many people!
Goshhh! is like 99 tables!
more thn 900++ people thr!
And i was shock to see few people that i know.
First i saw Roy. ahhaha...
Second i saw Jeremy.
Third i saw Pastor Eric, Michelle Lo, Jenny
Fourth i saw the Lo's family, with Sam Vun
aiks :S
Hahaha... i was shock to see them!
hahaha.... it was funn!
Sit the same table wif izzy, rach and chant!
and ofcouze Patrick!
just so cute!
the dinner was good,
and Roy's performance is just totally GREAT!
They sell Chinese Calligraphy...
my Cousin just bought one....
its nice....
thats all for the night!

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