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Friday, October 2, 2009

First day ~KL~

Today woke up at 8:15am....
gosh, i actually remember wat time i wake up!
hahaha... well okayy woke up thn bath thn went out to fetch my bro to work
thn went to eat breakfast....
thn after that went down to PJ : Petaling Jaya
to visit one of my uncle here....
talk talk talk, after that went to 1UTAMA!!!!
lunch and oso shopping!!!!
hahaha.... mum bought me gladiators, nice! cheap!
waiting for the next shoe she is going to buy me heels! gladiators heels!
my dad bought me new jacket from NIKE!!!!
so happy!
its actually for my BIRTHDAY present for those who dono whn was my birthday
it just pass
sept 30th!
wakakkaa... =3
after 1UTAMA,
went to another uncle's house to visit....
so thn after that came back home....
WHOA! traffic jam!!!!
man from PJ to CHERAS! :@
really angry lar!
haiyooo..... now only reach back home!
have to get ready to bath and need to go out again wif all my three brothers, and sis-in-law...
for dinner!
WHOA! one whole day has just pass!!
missing my friends ald! =(
but now just got the feeling to SHOP only!!!!
pic will be uploaded tonight!

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