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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sorry, thr is some more photos ill update it tmr!!!!
its our church 98th anniversary!!!! yippeeee 2 more years thn 100th!!!
Our youth some of them are confirm too
look at jack!!!!

this year really have so much ppl!!!! hmmm full orh!
Me and faith kuan help us take de!!!!

My cousin is getting Confirm! the one over thr the girl....
Well first time my mum and dad are the witnesses!!!!
Heyy look is Andrew!!!! well Kuan took it! wakakakka....
we all talking man!
Aiyoooo..... sarah, rach i know u guys are going to laugh at this pic!!!!! its kuan the monkey!!!!
hahahahha good shot Vincent!!!! hahahahahaha....

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