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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photoshots that i took

Sowie, it take too long to upload a pic! so i only upload these few! so vui xing, see whether nice mar k????

This is just Random photos of my dog, cause I was just outside my house whn i was taking the pic, so my dog came so i took some of her! enjoy!Her Buttt!!!! but this is nice!
Looking at something!
Heard something.... aiks:S but this is to get her attention!
Smelling something what is it????
What is she doin????
pose for the cam
Thats all! hope u guys enjoyed it!


Skyler said...

got my name somemore, haha! They are nice ^^ whose dog is it?

ŋäťäłΐє said...

hehehhee ofcouze!
wann to show u ma!
my dog lorrr...
qualify or not????
thx anyway