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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bad mood? Upset? Feel like killing myself?

Looks like im having a bad problem,
very very bad problem,
How could i live without him?
its hard
for me to let go...
but this is not a break up!
its only a clean break
he will never want to break up
so do I!
i know that its the best thing for us to concentrat
in our studies and my piano
but i must be strong!
must believe in me,
and oso i must believe him too

its a long story
i wont want to tell anyone about this
my problem
i will solve it myself

Now all
I need is to
practice my piano
for my exam
on october
and after that
i can be free to go ack with who i really love!

I will wait
no matter what!
i dont want to care all those stupid stuff
what is bothering us in our lives!

You will always see that
I will always love u and never want to leave you!
You did the same to me!
I understand

You and me are the one
who never wants to let go each other
always help each other

I can tell how much you really love me
with all your heart
with all your mind
with every love that you gave me
You an I know that we 2 love each other
for 2 and half year already

And you din want to give up!
And I oso dont want to give up on you!
No matter what!
I will lisent to what you ask me to do!

I love you

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