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Sunday, August 30, 2009

29/8 Beaufort, River Cruise

It was a bright and sunny day to go picnic, and cruise
Had 2 hour ride in the bus, me and Reneea
Finally, reach Beaufort!!!! hahahah
Funny!!!! George was our tour guide! what a coincident!
Having tea, be4 the cruise
Some photo shots! nice?
Flower.... Patrick!!!!
River cruise time!!!!
The professional photographer.... They all using CANON!

Daniel,Beverly,Paul,Uncle chin,Ralf

It's Daniel!!!!
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Kezerk! said...

Was fun wasn't it? Crazy stories on the bus.. LOL!

Micz_micz said...

LOL....Its such a small small world..I didnt knew that you know Ralf and Daniel them...haha

ŋäťäłΐє said...

hahahaha, paul! the story is so sick!!! hahaha lol....
mich: they are my cousin's friends.... hahah u know them???

Micz_micz said...

Haha...Yeah...Not really that close to Paul lah...Met him once...But I knew Ralf quite well...