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Friday, August 7, 2009

Cried whole day! Damn!

Today got some reason why I cried,
Because of tiredness!
And also stressness!
But atlease today Sarah, Maddy, Kuan make me happy
Kuan more lar.... =P
He make me feel not that sad and not to bad mood...
Ive told him that ONE OF THE MDM MAKE me cry!
then he said he will give me a big hug when he see me^^
One more a big group of ppl bully me again!
by throwing my stuff to another table,
and try to make me sit alone!
Sarah help me that time...
I love this Sarah and Kuan...
make me laugh and make me HAPPY! =)
hate those kind of MDM'S who keep's spying and keep saying bad things behind us
making us all miserable and stress!...
Dont have to treat us so mean and BAD!
doesnt mean u can ask us to get rid of our Mdm!
thats all i want to say,
dont make any sotries!
and banned us for doind something that is not our idea!

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