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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chicken Poks? Measles? Skybies???

My lunch today,
Today, all of the sudden
was sick, dint know wat was it,
though it was measles and though was chicken poks?!
Went to the doctor today,
Doctor said it was SKYBIES!
Me & my dad said wat is "SKYBIES???"
Then the doctor said that its a kind of skin dieseas
cant touch ppl for like 2 days atlease...
got medical treatment..
but then it really itches alot...
hmmm, 2 creams one for day and one for NIGHT!
Well. cant post too much, line very badd man!
have to sleep very soon,
ate the medicine, make me sleepy now...
pray for me please....
thx =)

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