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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kuan is here!

Kuan, Ur here!
I was so happy and excited when i heard Ze kuan is going to move to KK!
Today, i waited for him to reply my msg!
thn at 11:30am he replied me!
so excited thn lunch time he called sarah..
and he was coming to our skul!
I so happyyy man!
when he came me and sarah and ting went out and gave a warm huggg
so miss him lehhhh...
long time din see him liao =)
but now his here!
tommorow special day for "SOMEONE"
im going to make somethings for that person but cant give it to him tommorow
onlyy can pass it to him on Thursday...
sorry ar if i give late pressie =)
But as long as u like it larrr...
Its going to be TOMMOROW!
arrrhhh.... so fast!
have to sleep lur....
bro need to use it liao...
my comp!!!!
hahahaha... nites...
post more about happening 2mr

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