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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew's birthday is today!!!! hahahaha..... We were plying TABOO! hehehe^^ funnn
Walter & Jing! hehehe
It's the girls turn
Now the guys Me& Faith....
The girls turn again, Josetta is good!
Was outside with Mdm Shaw cooking Chicken!
Andrew's cake, made by Faith and sarah,

funny story behind it! hahaha... dont wantt to sayyy

.Me&Sarah, hehehe...

Group Photo, the guys! Now with girls! hehehe.... Andrew look so happy today!

Another group photo, wakakaka... tooo many pics liao....

Dinner time!

Having Lasagnya, Chicken, Vege, Bread...

so yummmmyyyy!!!!!!!


Haiyooo dave!

Me& Sarah, again, she made the bronies.... so nice orh!!!!

After dinner, they all plyed card game, its called gold fish!

Me&Lui&Faith.... too blurr


Us again with Michael

Me&Hao.... hahaha, must cut hair ar! hehehe jkjk

So formal, so smart looking... hehehe nice pic! thats it for 2nite... was so much funnn!

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