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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sooooo tireedddd!!!

Was suppose to play volley ball today!
turn out that roy put plane!
hahahha jk....
I mostly finish my PT for end of this term,
today went out wif Mdm lily for yam cha!
hehehe so good orhhh
Me, Kaang, Kat, Samson, Josh G.
5 of us, 4 sit back Josh sit front
went to the indian shop to eat Roti something
ive forgotten
thn we sat thr chit chat.... hehehhe....
thats my day lurrrr,
haizzz so tireddd
but on the way back from yam cha, something very big happen
Mdm lily's car ran out of petrol!!!
omg u noe!
we were scared if it stop on the road,
but thank god that we reach skul liao thn only
the petrol went off man!
so scarryyy
never ever try that when ur having not much petroll
go get it soon!!!!


Laura said...

lol! thank goodness i wasn't driving the car. I would've freaked. :)

ŋäťäłΐє said...

hahahaha ya hor laura! hehehe^^ so funny man!