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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today, Volleyball match! day out, Hao, Jack, Gab

Me& Gab in centre
Hao, Jullian, Me... Hao, try this cloth nice ma? guess how much???
Cool ma??? Jack oso try it
Gab, we are having Big Apple Doughnut! bought 12 pieces, this was our second lunch! we had Chicken rice before this! hahahah,.... so fei orh!
This is Hao, after buying his New shirt! still cant guess? it was RM199.90, thn used my dicount card, got so much DISCOUNT! turn out it was RM49.90!!!
my gosh! such a big diffrence!
This is Julian! eating his dougnut!
And wont forget the innocent Jack! hehehhe he dint know though....
Hao, giving me a good pose for a pic! ahahah my model!
See my eye! been SMASH by volleyball! so pain! couldn't open my eyes!
Me&Gab&Hao,,, gone crazy le! this is be4 my eye got hit!Group photo!!!! hehe^^
First time take photo wif Jack alone! hahahah nice! Refree! Cikgu IvyMe&Coussy, Codi!

Me&Elaine! hair so messy man! >.<

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