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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2day so bored...

Today is just one moody day! so boring at school...
And plus so quiet...
no Bi^^ no fun!
so quiet oh our gang!
no one talk only me clement elissa sit together but din talk eat finish thn go up thts all!
my bi went to do Law test...
but thn he dint pass =.=
2 time fail liao!
but next week he will go for retest!
i scared i will fail oso ohhh!
i feel like so hard one?!
mannn don dare ohhh...
Darling sarah u need to teach me be4 i take test oh!
earlier teach the better the good mind i have!
i feel so sad for him oh!

ps: don think its easy and fun but no need to study hard!

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