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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a painful week!

I sprang my ankle tht i menssion about it! it was on Monday when i was doind handstand and i fell the wrong way cause i was out of balance! so fell the other side...
And now 4 days has past! my injury is so worst so after school my dad brought me to the doctor for Massage my injury!
and it was so defineatly hurt! i wanted to SCREAM but no! i was must stay STRONG! It took about 15min to just to get the pain off...! but thn its good.... the medicine he put oh my Back was so spicy! and so cooling! but the medicine he gave me to eat was terrible! so bitter and so YUCKY! well i have to face it!
Next time if i do HANDSTAND again ill be more carefull and drop the right side!
Now have to rest!

bye... xoxo

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