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Saturday, April 25, 2009

today quite okay lol

This morning my maid woke me up at 6AM!
and i was like what!
im suppose to wake up about 7AM! but then she woke me so early!
I cant even sleep back!
after that i dont care i just close my eyes than Bi^^ called me ask me wanna go out for breakfast..
thn i say okay lol since i already awake nth to do... so i woke up called my mum up and tell her i want to go skul aat 7am lol... thn we went to Mc.d to eat breakfast... we ate and keep on talking... and i almost wanna scold him cause he eat his food very fast... and its not good for health... so i must look at him eat.... and he keep on laughing... =P hehehe^^ but no choice lol... its a bad habit...
After breakfast we went to cyber^^ POWERNET... for about an hour... 8:30am till 9:30am
thn we walk back for tution... sejarah
when we went back just the right time teacher was there and Sophia, Katrina, Amanda was the earliest...
so when we reach Isaac reach too...
thn we started class we had test today... but thn teacher din want us to do finish our test... so we started Bab 3 which is book 3....
thn after sejarah class Nelson, Hui ming, Bi^^ wanted me to go out with them, i wanted but thn my dad dont let.... so no choice next week i will go out with them.... cause Nelson today have his LAW test... so he want to go out... so so sry.... thn we went to karamunsing to buy OSCAR bday present.... suddenly the whole karamunsing to current oh! OMG.... swt =.="
thn went back home sleep from 1pm till 5pm thts a long long nap... but i woke up at 2pm to eat maggie thn sleep till 5pm.... was too tired....
thn went to youth lol... went to karamunsing again... with vincent to go drink Coffee Bean.... thn 2day is also Winston and Jenny birthday....
so many birthdays! well happy Birthday to those whose birthday is 2day!

thats all for today... nitez


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