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Friday, April 10, 2009


Oh my...
I though it was the end of the world...
You know what happend just now?
just now at my uncle house i online is quite well,
after few hours later...
it just suddenly happend,
it suddenly open so many WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER....
I was like WHAT!
I can't believe it!
I was shock and it keep on opening it like so many times...
i cant stop it!
than my dad say off the whole computer...
so i did
when i reopen it again
it went black out!
I was OMG!
I was so scared that i can't use my laptop for the whole year!
Than my dad say bring home than redo the whole thing...
I almost wanna cry...
but than i PRAYED to GOD!
ask him to heal the computer...
Miricale do happends you know?
it really worked...
i was like YAY!
I can use it back finally
next time i wont do any stupid stuff again
the whole rest of my life!
Ill be very carefull next time...
PS: You must Love your COMPUTER... even though its old or new!

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