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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rough day!

2day at skul ECA, thn Tution Sejarah, thn go centre find Bi^^, thn buy present for clement bday...
thn we went to Kopitiam to take our lunch actually, thn we went to centre we saw Melvin Lee, Joshua G.
thn we saw alot of ppl 2day, after that i meet Bi^^'s sister and her BF, well nth speciall la cause ive meet them be4 already!
well they go buy laptop... same like mine^^
cute leh thier family,
i like thier family oh!
Thier family very kind to me de!
not like oh say tht they don't like me no la!
They really like me de...
after that i walk back to church with Elissa and wait for car...
thn i went back home first, well after tht came back home bath, online!
now i feel sleepy, need to rest ltr going to Karamunsing!
yam cha with elissa....

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