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Friday, April 17, 2009

I fell myself useless!

I wonder i just wonder why!?
I fell im so useless! fell like i don belong into the world here!
Cause it feels tht like no one likes me at all!
feel like left out all the time!
feel like wanna cry all the time!
the tears is always wanna came out from the sad eye!
feel like wanna kill myself! feel like im insane!
feel like i never give peopple more freedom than what they had before!
I feel like HE dosent want to talk to me ever! Feel like my friends dont need me!
I feel alot of things that i would not have been thinking of!
My life is just worst!
Why not just play the piano and play HIS fav song that he likes to lisent me play all the time!
Why i becaming this kind of people! who is gone insane! who is crazy! Who is stupid to know alot of things!
Im sorry for what i done!
Im sorry! :'(
My dear! My Bi...
Im sorry!
Please forgive me!

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