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Friday, July 17, 2009

yesterday's update and 2days update

Yesterday after school, me and some of our mentoring group
went to Centre Pizza Hut
Because Michael wish to eat pizza so they say wanna go
i was like FOR WHAT?!!!!
nothing special pun~
no choice...
so we went....
after we ordered thn me and Maddison
went to order the flowers for Mdm shaw's Birthday
coming soon
July 29th
we ordered SUNFLOWER....
but thn, after tat we went back to school...
talk talk talk, chit-chit-chat-chat
thn my car came ald...
got back home about 6pm...
thn practice piano, thn watch tv till about 10pm
thn went to bed....

Orh, today was raining!
but still manage do ply PE!
its call a indoor PE!
We all ply dodge ball!
man randy hit me so pain!
but funn...
after tat, had our mentoring group...
but 2day so tired lehhhh
nth to bloggg though....
gtg... bye

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