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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sorry Late update!

Sorry, was too busy so dint update,
1st: i was preparing for my DANCE DELIGHT PERFORMANCE
its 2mr,
yesterday i wanted to update
came back around 10pm,
too late =(
was reheasel for 2mr,
5:30pm till 9pm!
isnt that a long practice....
Vui Xing was abit MAD....
but thn after a while he was okay...
trying to do our best....
TIMING is very important guys!!!!
2mr having reheasel at 2pm till 3:30pm
thn rest having lunch thn continue
4pm till 5:30pm
after that having dinner thn getting ready
thn get dress thn have to START the SHOW!
after everything,
Vui Xing is bringing us to eat!!!
Practice, practice, and practice some more....
its going to be the best DANCE DELIGHT 2009 ever!
pls came and watch....
its start at 7:30pm till 9pm
I can believe that 2day Vui Xing is very busy
setting up the stage at FOO CHOW ASSOCIATE HALL!
all the lights, speakers, the floor(rubber), and more
I promise myself not to online for 5 months and 27 days...
but I update for 2day...
so i wont want to keep on facing my room all day longggg....
school started....
nothing very special, only got new teachers only....
Lots of work need to do!
must keep up the good work!
Study hard!
after performance i need to more focus on PIANO EXAM already!
coming up event for me!

gtg lurrr~
have to sleep early ohhh ;)
2mr got busy day...
unlike can go out to watch movie!

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